Live classes every Friday at Mota Thai Yoga. Private group and individual yoga classes tailored to fit the needs of client's goals. Classes and consultation held at Mota Thai Yoga. Contact studio directly. 


One-on-one consultation for any and everything related to living a holistic life. From fitness to food, detoxing, and even fung shui, restructure your life for heightened mind, body, and spiritual connection.


Sound Baths

Sound healing experiences utilizing original soothing tones from the vibraphone and guided meditation inspired by mental health therapy practices. 

Wellness Online. Anytime.

Members receive exclusive access to guided meditations, original music tracks, lifestyle tips and podcast series

"Music and Mindset." Take a wellness break on your own time right from home. Sign up today!









Full Yoga Flows

Guided Meditations

Lifestyle tips

Original music tracks

Podcast: Music and Mindset

Guided meditations on the go.

Listen anywhere anytime with a membership. Members gain access to full guided meditations with original percussion tracks. Utilizing experiences with mental illness, fitness, and entertainment, these are one-of-a-kind meditations.

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Lifestyle tips

Tips and tricks to lead a holistic lifestyle including reading resources, detox and diet, daily inspiration, and even a little fung shui. Members receive monthly recommendations of the latest trends I've tried, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Original Music

Whether you're studying, exercising, or just hanging out at home enjoy these original tracks created and recorded during isolation. Members can reconnect with soothing vibes with this new age style.

Music & Mindset

Collaboration with composer Gala Flagello, members receive early access to "Music & Mindset" a podcast series for students and professionals navigating challenging times with short guided exercises using original music, interviews, nature sounds, and electroacoustic soundscapes creating a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.