III. Flying

March 18, 2016


An airplane pilot flying near Mount Rainier, Washington, spotted a formation of bright objects which he described as "flying saucers," traveling at incredible speed through the sky. This 1947 sighting made international headlines and launched the modern UFO craze, with the proliferation of UFO magazines, clubs, conferences, photographs and films. In this movement we hear an alternation between slow and fast sections. A mysterious melody, introduced by the vibraphone, is echoed kaleidoscopically like a halo of sound throughout the orchestra. Periodically this slow motion music accelerates into fugues flying at supersonic tempos. The solo percussionist gives a virtuoso performance on vibraphone, marktree, and cymbals that hover and shimmer in the air like flying saucers.

                                                                                                                             -- Michael Daugherty

Simple mysterious melodies in the vibraphone represent the beauty of the unknown. Discovering something for the first time to brings us into a state of fascination. We want to know all about something and immerse ourselves. This can be any activity like learning a new instrument, playing a new sport, or taking up painting for the first time. As time goes by, we become familiar with the craft and eventually rediscover what has drawn us to this activity in the first place, but now with a deeper knowledge. By slowing down and looking closely and/or deeply into entities, only then can we truly appreciate its beauty.


While in the practice room, I discovered the inner beauty of each movement not only through listening and analysis, but through movement as well. Our bodies move so naturally that we probably don’t even think about it. As I stepped into each practice session, I watched how my body naturally moved to play. I took those motions and fused them into the music. I was able to reflect what I naturally do visually into an aural manner. The result was mesmerizing.






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